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4 hours ago
Hello, I'm really new here. I've actually visited the site a few times just browsing around to try...
5 hours ago
Yup, that's my birthday. Ah worked all day till evening. Only to go to a party for mah friend that...
5 hours ago
*Shudders* Harvest.. it's the most feared time for me because Ah know Ah spend countless hours...
5 hours ago
I'll start streaming as soon as I've made notifications of it everywhere relevant!

I'm taking...
7 hours ago
Four updates today, quite a lot more than I usually do. Hope you all like them. Had fun with the...
7 hours ago
Alright I have opened my Paypal account account. Mostly cause I need help to pay for my phone that I...
10 hours ago
So I could come up with half decent stories for comics XD
15 hours ago
~Game accounts~
3DS: 1993-8414-3923
Xbox 360: Ravenxeo
Steam: Ravenxeo
Playstation account:...
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10 months ago
Hello, I am at Furfright now! ...
[ More ... ]
1 year ago
I am going to be at Anthrocon until Monday, so that means I won't be here except randomly....
[ More ... ]
2 years ago
Leapocalypse is fixed on all servers. You can return to work....
[ More ... ]
3 years ago
I have not been here to respond or continue with the updates in over a week, and will continue to be mostly away until next Tuesday. However hopefully after that I will be back and will be able to resume. The first order of business is going to be posting a list of recent and future plans for enhancements. After that, I have six projects which will need the assistance of artists and a story author....
[ More ... ]
3 years ago
Work on the Proof-of-Concept implementation for G4 is coming along more rapidly now, its essentially usable from a non-artist perspective....
[ More ... ]
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You are a cute female Celebi. One night you decided to patrol the area, doing your duty as the...
You're knocked out when your head hits the ground too, causing the Mightyena to smirk evilly. He...
in Drop Squad 2 days ago
You sigh, you fucking sigh the all the air out of your lungs. One of your squad looks up at you, and...
in Drop Squad 2 days ago
This is where you come in, reader! These loyal men and women such as yourselves were enlisted into...
Departure from Pinyin You and Min depart from Pinyin early in the morning. The is painfully...
Geo was having a picnic with Twilight, Shining Armor and Princess Cadence and Midway did join them...
in World of Vorecraft 5 days ago
Ashleigh's aim was perfect, the flare shot traveled in an arc right near Vanessa's face. The shot...
in My little Pony vore 5 days ago
"Um... I can explain..." Twilight stared at the scene before her, and made the...
in Cut Down to Size 5 days ago
You realize that it's no use; you were meant to feed this frog. It was no coincidence that you met...
in Cut Down to Size 5 days ago
The devilish, reckless, careless side of you wins out. This is a once in a lifetime situation, and...
in Cut Down to Size 5 days ago
Carefully tugging on his lower lip, you manage to pry open his lower jaw slightly. At your present...
in Cut Down to Size 5 days ago
Though initially worried that the frog might wake, now that you see him up close and sleeping, he...
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